Friday, December 7, 2018

5 Christmas Classroom Door Decorations Ideas 2018

Here are 5 ideas to make your door more fun for Christmas! Note: Click each picture to load the original source.  If you are looking for regular classroom door ideas, check out our post here or if you are interested in seeing Halloween door ideas, click here.

1. Snowman: This design is simple to re-create but it looks amazing.

2. Snow scene: Another easy to create door design. Cover the door with blue paper and then have the students create snowflakes.

3. Three Reindeer: It might be a little more time consuming to re-create this three reindeer door, but the result is amazing.

4. Reindeer Caroling: Another reindeer classroom Christmas door idea. This time with singing reindeer.

5. #sELFe: This door is really creative. Allow your students to take a sELFe. A play on words.

You can view our Pinterest Board: Classroom Door Ideas for even more!