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Today's math curriculum is teaching students to expect -- and excel at -- paint-by-numbers classwork, robbing kids of a skill more important than solving problems: formulating them. Dan Meyer shows classroom-tested math exercises that prompt students to stop and think.

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Knowledge: Battle Royale - Educational

This past September, Battle Royale games such as Fortnite and PUBG exploded in popularity. Students can not stop talking about these games. To help crunch this game thrist, we created a few resources that can be used in an educational setting. This includes a Fortnite Location Writing Booklet, a Fortnite Roll a Story and a Wordsearch. If you are interested, head over here to see more information.

These resources are great for your students interested in Fortnite. However what about those who like other Battle Royale games? Hence why we created Knowledge: Battle Royale. For starters, what is a Battle Royale game? Think of this as a genre of games. It is no different then saying a strategy game, a sports game or an adventure game. The way it plays out is you start with a large number of people. They get eliminated until there is only one left, the winner! These games generally start with a large map, which gets smaller and smaller as the game progresses.

That is exactly how "Knowledge Royale" works. Knowledge: Battle Royale is a printable game that you can use in your classroom. It works for ALL subjects. The concept of Knowledge: Battle Royale is based on the very popular games; Fortnite and PUBG. However this version has an educational twist! Once you download this resource, you will have access to an editable Google Slide. From there you can add different questions and answers based on your subject content.

Print the game and you are ready to play. It includes 14 Map Guides, each with a description and what is nearby. The nearby explains how many walking steps it takes to get to the next city nearby.

Included are 5 different question types (Common to Legendary). As your students answer these questions, they get walking cards. The goal of the game is to collect enough walking cards to stay in the cities not over taken by the "storm". The storm comes in and removes certain areas from the map. As the teacher, you get to decide which areas of the map to remove.

This resource also has 4 optional items that make the game more interesting. Such as a medkit, and even a shopping kart that allows students to temporarily work together.

Included in this resource is EVERYTHING that you will need:
- Setup Guide
- Rules
- Location Leaders Guide
- Survivors Guide
- Location List/Storm
- Movement Guide
- 14 Map Guides, each with a description and what is nearby
- Question Rarity Guide
- Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary Question & Answers
- Optional Items: Medkit, Jump Pad, Launch Pad, Shopping Cart Questions
- Final Location Questions
- The Storm

Once you read the rules with your students, they will be engaged and learning. It works well as a review for content already taught. Do note, this resource does take time to set up within your classroom after printing, but it is well worth effort.

Knowledge: Battle Royale is an educational version of Fortnite, PUBG or the other popular battle royale games.  Have you read enough about this game? Here is some preview pictures:


Writing Prompt Visuals: Fear Failure

This is a series of blog posts that turn our Writing Prompts classroom activity into a visual image. Feel free to save them for your classroom.

Prompt: Should we fear failure? Explain. 

5 Great Classroom Door Ideas 2018

Your classroom door is the first thing students, parents and other staff see before entering your classroom. Here are 5 ideas to make your door more fun and engaging! Note: Click each picture to load the original source.

1. Snapchat: Bringing Social Media to your classroom

2. Minion: this one might be better suited for younger grades.

3. Paper and Pencil: Simple but beautiful.

4. Campfire: The play on words here is great

5. Cinema: So this one goes above the door but was too cool to leave out!

You can view our Pinterest Board: Classroom Door Ideas for even more!

4 Classroom Technology Poster Resources

Education in the 21st century is definitely shifting to include technology in the classroom, as schools evolve to prepare students for a technical society.  Use these technology posters in your classroom, computer lab or around your school library.
1. Internet Safety Posters: This set of nine internet safety posters for your technology lab, computer room or classroom is attractive and relevant in today's world of internet use and social media. 
LinksRoombop - TPT - TN
2. Google App Posters: If you use Google Classroom or Google Apps in your classroom, then these posters are right for you! Decorate your room with these Google App Posters. They are great for info bulletin boards! 
LinksRoombop - TPT

3. Classroom Rules Posters: Students often need these simple reminders when using their Chromebooks in the classroom. This product contains a cover page as well as 16 classroom rule posters. The cover page and 16 rules come with 5 different border styles. These posters are great for a bulletin board or to fill in space around your classroom. Use all or just the ones that apply to your students. Print out and use the rules that apply to your class. If you want any additional rules added, don't be shy to request them.
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4. Chromebook Shortcut Posters & Handout: Help students become more efficient on their Google Chromebooks in the classroom by displaying these keyboard shortcuts posters on a bulletin board or wall. It also includes keys specific to Google Chromebooks! Also included is a one page handout with the 45 Chromebook Shortcuts. The shortcuts are organized by 12 categories to easily find what you need. This one page handout is great to give to all your students! 
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Make Science Class Fun - TED Education

High school science teacher Tyler DeWitt was ecstatic about his new lesson plan on bacteria (how cool!) -- and devastated when his students hated it. The problem was the textbook: it was impossible to understand. He delivers a rousing call for science teachers to ditch the jargon and extreme precision, and instead make science sing through stories and demonstrations.

Ready-to-use set of TED Talk handouts. 
They can be used with ANY TED Talk!

This is a series of blog posts that share the best Ted Talks for Education.