Monday, October 8, 2018

5 Halloween Classroom Door Decorations Ideas 2018

Here are 5 ideas to make your door more fun for Halloween! Note: Click each picture to load the original source.  If you are looking for regular classroom door ideas, check out our post here.

1. Ghost: This design is simple to re-create but it looks amazing.

2. Pumpkin: Another easy to create door design. This one has endless possibilities. Create the pumpkin's face however you feel it will look the best.

3. Cat: This door looks amazing. The ears and tail really bring the cat to life.

4. Witch Cauldron: This door might take a little longer to make. However the results speak for themselves.

5. One Eye Monster: This door is also pretty simple to make. It is Halloween themed but on the more fun side.

You can view our Pinterest Board: Classroom Door Ideas for even more!