Monday, October 1, 2018

3 Halloween Resources For Your Students

Prepare your classroom for Halloween with these 3 resources. 
1. Halloween Writing Templates: Halloween themed writing templates!
This package includes 5 writing template layouts:
- Text only 
- Text and bottom drawings 
- Text and top drawings
- Full page drawings 
- Dotted Lines

Each writing template comes in 9 border styles:
- Black Bat 
- Black Ghost 
- Blue Skull 
- Green Haunted House 
- Pink Candy 
- Red Cat 
- Black and Orange 
- Pumpkins 
- Bats 
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2. Digital Pumpkin Design: You can have your students design a pumpkin without the mess. This product uses Google Slides and includes instructions to allow each one of your students to create their own Pumpkin design.
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3. Quick Write/Draw - Halloween: These are printable Halloween quick write and quick draw templates. You can print out the blank template page for your students. My students love quick writes and using a theme for the month of October makes the activity that much more engaging. 
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