Thursday, September 14, 2017

Blog Appearance and Commenting

Now that our blog is in place, we will be providing updates more often. We will also be sharing product updates.

In today's site update, our blog's main page has a new look. You can scroll through posts, see a preview image, as well as a snippet of what the blog post is about. We have also added Disqus commenting system to all blog posts. Now you are able to comment on all of our blog posts!

Commenting doesn't end with just our blog posts. We have enabled the Disqus commenting system across all 100+ classroom resources.

Today we become more social! We are now on Facebook, Google Plus and Youtube! We also have created 3 different RSS Feeds! So if you use an RSS Reader like Feedly, you can now follow us.

You can access all out social accounts in the bottom right of the page.
Image result for disqus