Sunday, September 10, 2017

New blog and resource center!

Roombop started last May, where we had three goals to launching the site for this Septemeber; fixing our blog, making the resource center easier to use and to get our first activity up and running. 

We wanted to share some progress on our three goals.

Blog: Our blog is up and running (you are reading this). We can now share updates about the site as well as information about deals and discounts for our resources. We still have plans on updating our blog. This will probably be our next update.

Resources: As we are writing this blog post, we now offer over 100 technology based resources for your classroom! Since our last blog post, we now also have categories. All of our resources are sorted into 6 categories; Apple, Google, Microsoft, Scratch, Courses and Other. Under each category is classroom resources. Clicking any of our classroom resources will bring up our new resource file information page. Now you can see a preview image, description and price without leaving our site.

Activities: We are still working towards launching our first activity.  We will have to push our launch back a bit. 

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